About imaginarity


Imaginarity is a modern and dynamic company with a strong focus on co-development and new tech solutions

imaginarity is a tech collective whose mission is to develop software solutions that are as easy to use and highly interoperable as possible, overcoming barriers rather than creating new ones.

We strongly believe that we need to rethink learning in the 21st century to meet the challenges of our time, and want to support this change in learning with a learner-centered and co-creative digital learning environment.

Our first platform solution (weSkill.digital) was developed together with a renowned car manufacturer from practice for practice and offers us and you room for rapid further development with a wide range of tasks.

With weSkill, we have made it our mission to break down the artificial separation between learning, working and innovation on a technical level, while supporting learners holistically on their personal development path.

We also take the issue of sustainability seriously and recognize our social responsibility. To this end, we are active, for example, as lecturers in the university context, support social projects and want to use our platform to obtain the "Blauer Engel" for particularly environmentally friendly products and services.